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sausage sizzle


Run the sausage sizzle stall at the market, and raise funds.

The Otaki Market sausage sizzle has a valued fundraising avenue for eligible community groups to fundraise and an important part of the markets experience for our customers. Running the sausage sizzle stands helps raise funds to support your many and varied important causes. 

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Terms and Conditions

Who can apply?

Not-for- profit community groups, charities, schools and sports groups. Individuals fundraising and businesses wanting to give back to the community.

Set up: 8.30am - 9.45am to be ready for 10am

Pack down: 2pm


What do I need to provide?

  • Table and chairs

  • Marquee 

  • Minimum three volunteers

  • Sausages, bread, onion, condiments, drinks

  • Napkins, garbage bags, condiment bottles

  • Cleaning equipment, hand wash, paper towel and detergents

  • Heat proof gloves to handle the grease tray and a food grade thermometer

  • Cooking utensils (tongs, spatula, knives)

  • Small bottle of oil

  • Cash Float (recommended $100) 

  • You are welcome to bring an EFT machine or contactless payment device.

  • Cloth aprons and disposable gloves

  • Appropriate food grade storage containers

  • Coolers with sufficient ice to maintain the temperature of raw products and a thermometer to check food is at the required temperature

What do the market provide

  • A gas BBQ can be provided on request, we ask if you can clean the BBQ after use and offer a donation for the gas bottle to be refilled.

  • Fire extinguisher and fire blanket


Can we sell other things?

Yes, you can sell home baking, lollies, ice-blocks or other fundraising merchandise.


How much is the stall?

We usually charge $10 for a stall at the market, but for the fundraising stall this is free of charge.

How much can we expect to make?

This vary's, fundraisers in the past raised from $500 - $1,000 per market. This is made by lowering your overheads and selling other items.

How many times can we run the sausage sizzle stall?

Guidelines from KCDC state charities or fundraising group selling food can do this 20 times a year.

You are welcome to make several booking requests throughout the year to operate the Sausage Sizzle stall, within guidelines from KCDC.

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