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Best kids stall, January 2024

Councillor Shelly Warwick, with her discerning eye and genuine enthusiasm for community engagement, took on the role of judging the best kids stall at the January 2024 Otaki Kids Market. She approached the task with a keen appreciation for the creativity and effort displayed by the young entrepreneurs. Her support added an extra layer of excitement to the competition, making the day even more memorable for the young participants.

Best Kids Stall winner - Ciara, Koala Pop

Ciara emerged as the shining star and winner of the Otaki Kids Market's January 2024 Best Stall award with her enchanting creation, Koala Pop.

Ciara showcased a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit, offering a delightful blend of goodies and infectious enthusiasm at her stall. Koala Pop stood out not only for its visually appealing setup but also for the genuine warmth with which Ciara interacted with customers. Ciara's Koala Pop is undoubtedly a name to watch for in the world of youthful entrepreneurship.

Runner-Up Keanie

Keanie clinched the well-deserved title of Runner-Up for the Best Kids Stall. With a stall that can only be described as a magical mushroom haven, Keanie's art and craft creations enchanted visitors. From whimsical mushroom-themed artworks to intricate crafts, Keanie's stall showcased creativity beyond her years.

Adding an extra dash of whimsy, Keanie herself sported a giant mushroom hat, embodying the spirit of her delightful stall. Her imaginative presentation and artistic flair made Keanie's booth an unforgettable highlight, earning her the applause and admiration of both judges and market-goers alike. 🍄🌈🎨

Exceptional Effort awards

It was a difficult task, but these stalls also stood out at the January 2024 Kids Market: Shine Bright Like a Diamond, Blooming Forest and Lana's Eats and Treats

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