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14 January  |  21 April  |  21 July  |  13 October| 3 November (Kapiti Food Fair)

Join the fun at the award-winning Otaki Kids Market!

Registrations open approx 6 weeks before the next market.

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Kids market workshop

Otaki Kids Market Workshop, where young entrepreneurs come together to elevate their stall game and marketing prowess!

Are you a budding business owner with a passion for creativity and innovation? Do you dream of making your mark in the bustling world of markets?

Sunday 21 July 2024


Otaki Memorial Hall

 Join us as we explore strategies for eye-catching displays, effective sales pitches, and cool marketing campaigns.

Get ready to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and turn your dreams into reality at the Otaki Kids Market Workshop!


9am-10am Registration desk

10am: Kapiti Mayor's Introduction

10.10am: Group photo

- Workshop - 

2.45pm: Graduation Ceremony

3.15: Pop Up Market

Marketing & branding

Rebecca Davis, Professional Marketing Advisor, Natures Fix.

Introduce young entrepreneurs to the concepts of consumer behaviour and market research. Learn how to identify and understand their target audience.

media training: coast access training

Catherine Scullin, Program Manager and Radio host

Discover the art of radio communication, from delivering captivating introductions and mastering microphone techniques.

media training: otaki mail

Penny Gaylor, Editor & Owner

Master the art of communication with journalists, honing your skills in delivering articulate responses to their questions.

speed pitching

With various business owners 

Participants deliver a one minute elevator pitch about their business to a panel of local business owners, leaders, and professionals. Fun fast-paced session challenges young entrepreneurs to discuss their stall/business.

10 minutes
with young entrepreneurs

Engage in a dynamic five-minute conversation with the enterprising young entrepreneur.

Tal’s 3D Prints and Lana: Lana’s Eats and Treats

merchandising session

Our exclusive merchandising session, glean invaluable tips and tricks from a seasoned expert on how to transform your stall into a captivating showcase. Learn the art of display optimization, the use of space, and unlock insider secrets to captivate customers and boost sales. 

taking photographs

Claire Roper, Digital Marketing expert 

Join the Ōtaki Market photographer as they unveil a treasure trove of tips and tricks for capturing stunning images with your phone. 

pop up market


Young people from the workshop are invited to run and manage their own stalls.



Otaki Memorial Hall

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Kids Workshop Registration

This workshop is designed for young people who have attended the Kids Market, have been to other markets or are budding young entrepreneurs.

Childs Age

Lunch will consist of a sandwich (ham, cheese, egg or jam), a small packet of chippies, a bottle of water and a handmade cupcake. Unfortunately, we will not be able to cater for any food allergies. 

Workshop Terms and Conditions

  • Supervision: young people must be signed in by a parent/guardian at registration. Parents/Guardians are welcome to stay, we kindly ask you to be a passive observer.

  • Age: Workshop is open to children 9-19 (no exceptions)

  • Each child must be registered individually (Up to three children to manage a stall during the pop up market)

  • Free: This workshop is free to attend

  • Registration is from 9am-9.50am

  • Parents are encouraged to be involved in the graduation / certificate ceremony at 2.45pm

  • Parents can supervise during the pop up market from 3.15pm - 4.30pm

  • Pack down is from 4.30pm - 4.55pm

  • We must be out of the hall by 5pm

  • Photography and video will be taken during the workshop by the Otaki Market and used for promotional material and posted on Facebook.


Pop Up Market Terms and Conditions

  • Stall size: 1.5 meter, each stall to provide table and cash float. (Chairs will be available)

  • Up to three children per stall 

  • Stall holders are required to stay during the allocated workshop and market time

  • They will set up their stall during the merchandising session 

  • Stall holders are encouraged to make or create their own craft, products, baking etc.

  • There is no hawking permitted, stall holders must sell from their allocated stall. 

  • No free product(s) on your stall: We kindly ask that you do not have free products on your at stall as this can affect other childrens stalls. 

Check List

We often send an email to the school at the end of the workshop, so let them know of their achievements.

This form no longer accepts submissions.


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Five awesome kids from the Otaki Kids Market will be at the upcoming Otaki College Matariki Night Market!

Saturday 29 June, 5-8pm, at Otaki College.

Entry by Koha.

otaki kids workshop

We are running a workshop with a pop up market this July. As an outdoor market, the weather is too cold or unpredictable during winter. 


The workshop is going to be heaps of fun and gives young people a few more skills and insights into being a stall holder.

Please register above.


otaki kids market

The next kids market will be in October. If you are on the mailing list you'll receive an email when registrations are open. (approx 6 weeks before the event).

If you haven't joined the mailing list, please email

kapiti food fair
kids stall

Thanks to our pals at The Kapiti Food Fair, we are invited back for 2024!

The day is split into two shifts, and there is stall space for 10 small tables.

To register your interest, please email

kapiti food fair.jpeg

Saturday 30 November 2024



join our mailing list

Kids Market Mailing list

And be notified when the next Otaki Kids Market is scheduled.

about the kids market

The Otaki Kids Market is a vibrant and creative event that provides a unique platform for young entrepreneurs to showcase their talents and entrepreneurial spirit. This special market invites tamariki and rangatahi from 5-19 years old to become stall holders, offering them the opportunity to sell their handmade art and crafts, delicious home baking, toys, and books.


The market not only fosters a sense of community but also empowers young people to take pride in their creations and develop valuable skills in marketing and customer interaction.

meet some of our young entrepreneurs



Can I bring my own marquee?

Yes you absolutely can bring your own marquee, please be aware you will be required to share as the space allocated is 1.5 m per stall. Please let use know if you are bringing a marquee.

Do you have power?

No, as an outdoor market this is not something we can provide.

Can my child be next to their sibling or friend?

We do our best to ensure family members and friends can be next to each other, please email us after your application.

Can I book a bigger or double stall?

We have limited space of 50 stalls, to be fair each stall size is 1.5 meters. Unfortunately, we will not be able to book double stalls.

Do I have to stay with my child?

Yes, each stall must have adult supervision at all times.

What happens if it rains?

We are an outdoor market and subject to the weather. We have a wet weather plan if it is raining heavily, and will move to a local hall. This decision will be made the day before the market. We also provide a small selection of marquees to stalls which are not under the trees.

Where is the closest ATM?

On the main road, near the 123 Mart is an ATM

Where can I get cash?

We ask that you please do not ask local shops and supermarkets to change cash. 

How much money should I bring as a cash float?

We suggest about $50 for a cash float.

How much should I sell my product for?

A good price point is $1-$5. Alot of customers like to support as many stalls as possible, and we've found this a good price point.

Can I have free products on my stall

No, we kindly ask that you please don't have free items on your stall as this can affect other children.

Where is the market?

The market is located on the old main highway in Otaki, opposite New World. The Kids Market is located on the grass area.

How do I pay for my stall?

During the market two representatives from the Otaki Women's Community Club, wearing hi-vis vests will come to your stall to collect your donation.

Where can I park?

There is plenty of free parking at the Otaki train station, we ask that you please do not park on the main road, as this is a great place for customers to the market and other shops and cafes.

Why are there regular stall holders in the Kids area?

There will be a small number of regular stall holders allocated within the kids' market (paying full price), these will consist of stalls running workshops and the organising teams. This is for health and safety, for organisers to be on hand and create a smooth running of the market.

Can I run a raffle or competition?

Yes you can, please make sure you comply with the Department of Internal Affairs gambling rules, see the link here.

Can I play music from my stall?

At the regular market this is generally ok, however at the Kids Market, as the stall spaces are smaller, we request you are mindful of stall holders who are next to you.

What if I have more than three children (such as a school or community group) who want to be at the stall?

The space is quite small, and to avoid overcrowding and having a fun experience, our guidelines are for three children per stall. You can work this in shifts, and community groups have done this in the past very effectively.


Terms and conditions

  • Supervision: Each stall must have a *parent/guardian supervision.

  • Age: Stall holders must be between 5-18 years

  • Each stall site can have a maximum of three children. (excluding parent/guardian)

  • Site fee: each stall to pay a donation.

  • Stall size: 1.5 meter, each stall to provide table, chair and cash float.

  • Stall holders are required to stay during the allocated market time, 10am-2pm.

  • Set up is between 8.15am-9.45am to be ready for 10am. Pack down is 2pm

  • Stall holders are encouraged to make or create their own craft, products, baking etc.

  • There is no hawking permitted at the Otaki Market, and stall holders must sell from their allocated stall. Even at the end of the day.

  • Photography and video will be taken during the Kids Market by the Otaki Market and used for promotional material and posted on Facebook. 

  • No free product(s) on your stall: We kindly ask that you do not have free products on your at stall as this can affect other childrens stalls. 

*Parent/Guardian must be at least 18 years of age.

Terms and Conditions
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