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kids market



Join the fun at the award-winning Otaki Kids Market!



8 October


Click here if you'd like to be a sponsor for the October 2023 Kids Market.

Kids Market is now fully booked.

To join the waitlist please email

meet our stall holders

Elsa and Lida|Popcorn creations|Earrings, bean bags, zippy pouches

Rosalie|Rosa's Bracelets|Bracelets and earrings

Mira|Katsu Kittens|Cat toys and accessories

Millie|oh my dog|Dog Bandanas

Luanav|Dawa Delights|Art and craft

Amelia|Amelia's Crafts|Polymer clay earrings, key rings and rings

Anahera|Bracelet boutique|Bracelets

Brodi|Kids Kandy|Candy floss on stick and on bags

Beatrix, Lily and Will|Bits and Bobs|Crafts and treats

Dakota & Fallon|Charmed beads nz|Bracelets and other random things

Harper|Harpers CupcakesGourmet Cupcakes

Talyessin|Tal’s 3D prints|3D printed light up and colour changing skulls, fidget toys all 3 D printed by Tal.

Claire and Amelia|Crochet stuff|crochet products

Erin|Erin's Barking Bakery|Homemade dog biscuits

Manawanui|ManaQuality|used toys

Indie|Beadalicious|Beads, jewellery and things

Alanah|Lana's Crafts|Earrings suncatchers

Kaia|Kaia’s Goodies|Face jewels, home made fudge and accessories

Felicity|Food and Jewellery

Miesha|Miesha's creations|Key rings, windchimes

Lauren|Go Glam Nails|Nail Painting

Annabelle|Homemade Delights|Baking, sewing and lemonade

Bailey and Pippa|Decorate your own cupcake

Campbell and Fletcher|Christmas Decorations

Graeson and Cody|Boss G|Gifts, toys and books

Laila and Beatrice|Sweet Treats & Toys|Home baking, lollies and preloved toys

Kaia and Ayvah|Goodies Baking and T.Y soft toys

Saige|MoPets|Tiny polymer clay puppies and accessories and toffee

Aria|Arias Glitters|Hair glitter gel

Oscar and Lachie|Molly and Joan|Jewellery, Craft and Produce

Tula|Blueberry Acres Animal Farm|Animal art

Mickey belle nelly|Sass and the rebels|Candle wax melts, car diffusers and braclets

Kyle, Cyra, Darius|Sausage Sizzle

Otaki Scouts|Firewood raffle, pinecones, horse manure, baking, camping bags

Katalina and Constantin|Creative Home|Wooden and sewn products, baking and seedlings

Joanna, Sam & Rosie|Awa kidsNappy cakes & baby bouquets. Bamboo stakes. Abisynian banana palm's.

Preston|Preston’s Pieces|driftwood ornaments for decorating your garden or home.

Siraya|Cookies & More|Home-baked cookies

Willow & Code|Wilded|Organic eggs, seedlings, hand drawn art & greeting cards,household plants, handmade xmas decorations

Elisabeth & Hunter|Beanies bits|Masks and mini umbrellas all hand coloured, as well as felted soaps little things

Ali|RMC|Natural, Handmade, Eco-friendly products

Edith|Kedith's Jewellery|Bracelets and earrings

Sophia & Alisa|The Enchanted Makers|Baking and craft

Alana|Alana's Second hand clothes/toys

Layla|Beads Galore

The Otaki Market is managed by the Otaki Women's Community Club, a charity, which gives 100% of the market fees back to the local community.

Terms and Conditions

  • Supervision: Each stall must have a *parent/guardian supervision.

  • Age: Stall holders must be between 5-18 years

  • Each stall site can have a maximum of three children. (excluding parent/guardian)

  • Site fee: each stall to pay a donation.

  • Stall size: 1.5 meter, each stall to provide table, chair and cash float.

  • Stall holders are required to stay during the allocated market time, 10am-2pm.

  • Set up is between 8.15am-9.45am to be ready for 10am. Pack down is 2pm

  • Stall holders are encouraged to make or create their own craft, products, baking etc.

  • There is no hawking permitted at the Otaki Market, and stall holders must sell from their allocated stall.

  • Photography and video will be taken during the Kids Market by the Otaki Market and used for promotional material and posted on Facebook. 

*Parent/Guardian must be at least 18 years of age.


Where is the market?

The market is located on the old main highway in Otaki, opposite New World. The Kids Market is located on the grass area.

How do I pay for my stall?

During the market two representatives from the Otaki Women's Community Club, wearing hi-vis vests will come to your stall to collect your donation.

Where can I park?

There is plenty of free parking at the Otaki train station, we ask that you please do not park on the main road, as this is a great place for customers to the market and other shops and cafes.

Why are there regular stall holders in the Kids area?

There will be a small number of regular stall holders allocated within the kids' market (paying full price), these will consist of stalls running workshops and the organising teams. This is for health and safety, for organisers to be on hand and create a smooth running of the market.

Can I run a raffle or competition?

Yes you can, please make sure you comply with the Department of Internal Affairs gambling rules, see the link here.

Can I play music from my stall?

At the regular market this is generally ok, however at the Kids Market, as the stall spaces are smaller, we request you are mindful of stall holders who are next to you.

What if I have more than three children (such as a school or community group) who want to be at the stall?

The space is quite small, and to avoid overcrowding and having a fun experience, our guidelines are for three children per stall. You can work this in shifts, and community groups have done this in the past very effectively.

Can I bring my own marquee?

Yes you absolutely can bring your own marquee, please be aware you will be required to share as the space allocated is 1.5 m per stall. Please let use know if you are bringing a marquee.

Do you have power?

No, as an outdoor market this is not something we can provide.

Can my child be next to their sibling or friend?

We do our best to ensure family members and friends can be next to each other, please email us after your application.

Can I book a bigger or double stall?

We have limited space of 50 stalls, to be fair each stall size is 1.5 meters. Unfortunately, we will not be able to book double stalls.

Do I have to stay with my child?

Yes, each stall must have adult supervision at all times.

What happens if it rains?

We are an outdoor market and subject to the weather. We have a wet weather plan if it is raining heavily, and will move to a local hall. This decision will be made the day before the market. We also provide a small selection of marquees to stalls which are not under the trees.

Where is the closest ATM?

On the main road, near the 123 Mart is an ATM

Where can I get cash?

We ask that you please do not ask local shops and supermarkets to change cash. 

How much money should I bring as a cash float?

We suggest about $50 for a cash float.

How much should I sell my product for?

A good price point is $1-$5. Alot of customers like to support as many stalls as possible, and we've found this a good price point.

meet some of our young entrepreneurs



KC News

September 2023

Ōtaki’s Mini-Moguls Market


The upcoming Ōtaki Kids Market, set for Sunday, 8th October from 10 am to 2 pm, promises a unique gathering that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of the coast’s young citizens. 

Read the article here

16 april.JPG

Otaki Mail

April 2023

Otaki Market, Kids' Market


At the Otaki Market - Kids Market, Sunday 16 April 2023, kids get to be stall holders. They may run their own stall, make products and sell their goods.

Read the article here

newstalk zb.JPG

Newstalk ZB

January 2023

Market encourages children to set up their own stalls


Now, here's an idea to encourage a bit of entrepreneurial spark among young New Zealanders.

Ōtaki Market is looking to encourage children to set up their own stalls

Listen to the full interview here

Screenshot 2023-05-06 at 16.27.50.png

Otaki Mail

May 2023

Mayor Holborow's reportOtaki Market, Kids Market


Did you see Janet Holborow - Mayor of Kāpiti column in the Otaki Mail! Awesome shout out to the Kids Market at the end of the article.

"It was great to see so much creativity and entrepreneurship on display" - Janet Holborow talking about the Otaki Market Kids Market.

Read the article here

Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 22.32.50.png

Otaki Mail

February 2023

Otaki Market, Kids' Market

This January, we wanted to mix things up a bit, and hosted our first ever Kids Market plus regular market. With over 30 tamariki and rangatahi, aged between 6 and 19, having a stall at our market.


Read the article here

tvnz kids market interview.JPG

TVNZ 1 Breakfast

April 2023

Otaki Market, Kids' Market Live on TV


Live interview with TVNZ 1 Breakfast to promote the April Kids Market.

Watch the Interview here

kids market.PNG

NZ Herald

January 2023

Children allowed stalls at popular market


Children now have the chance to run their own stalls at the Ōtaki Market.

The market is held every week during summer and fortnightly during winter.

It was started in 1996 by Sherryl Gray and today is run by a small team made up of Claire Roper, Chrissy Anderson and Michelle Vui.

Read the full article here

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