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Benji and his Mum excel at the О̄taki Kids Market

Young О̄taki entrepreneur 8-year-old Benji (and his super cool mum Leslie), had their very own stall at the О̄taki Kids Market, selling awesome handmade clay pots with plants grown by Leslie. We wanted to find out more about Benji and Leslie and their fantastic little business.

What made you want to join the market?

Leslie - I saw the market advertised on Facebook and thought it would be a good opportunity for Benji to experience what it was like to run a stall. He had recently taken interest in clay, and was making little pots for my succulents. I loved them so much and thought of them immediately when i saw the ad, so i just had to register! He was so excited when I told him that he set to work immediately.

What do you sell?

Benji - I sell plants and mini gardens and I make the pots out of clay that we bake in the oven.

Leslie - I was thinking maybe Benji could try little kits next time with a little planter and some soil and a few plants to go in. That way, people could try their own hand at making tiny garden designs.

How long does it take you make one of your pots?

Leslie - Benji can whip one of these up in about half an hour now. He is, however, a bit of a perfectionist and if he doesn't like the way a pot has come out he immediately starts over.

Benji - I don't know, it feels like a long time.

What kind of plants do you use for your clay pots? Benji - I just help my mum with whatever her plants are, but the mini garden plants are succulents.

What have you enjoyed the most about running your stall?

Benji - Seeing all the other stalls and swapping things with them.

What is your favorite type of plant?

Leslie - Anything that grows! I have a particular love for all things edible and exotic and hope one day to have a permaculture style food forest established at the stables my mum leases.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to run a stall?

Leslie - Don't forget change! We forgot change... sorry everyone! :)

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