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A Big Thank You to Resene for Brightening Our Ōtaki Easter Market

Giving a massive shoutout to Resene. They totally rocked our crafting table at the Ōtaki Easter Market with their awesome paints, and we couldn't be more stoked about it!

Our crafting table was like a bustling hive of creativity, buzzing with excitement and laughter as folks of all ages dived into their artistic adventures. And what fueled our artistic escapades? None other than Resene's fantastic range of paints!

Thanks to Resene's generosity, our crafting crew had a blast painting everything from Easter eggs to colouring competitions, and beyond. It's like they unleashed their inner Picassos right then and there!

So, to the awesome team at Resene, we want to raise our paint-splattered brushes and say a huge THANK YOU! Your support helped make our Easter Market a riot of color and creativity, and we couldn't have done it without you. Here's to spreading joy, making memories, and painting the town (quite literally) with smiles!

Keep on painting and spreading those good vibes!

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