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Celebrating Easter with Kindness: A Heartfelt Thank You

The Ōtaki Easter Market was egg-citing! We'd like to say thanks to The Kapiti Kindness Trust, along with a special mention to the Easter Bunny. Together, they have filled our Ōtaki Easter Market with choccy goodness for all the tamariki and rangatahi. 

Let's talk eggs—Easter eggs, that is!

The Kapiti Kindness Trust hooked us up with prizes for our epic colouring competition. Seeing those little artists' faces light up when they scored those prizes was priceless! It’s moments like these that make community events like ours truly special.

And let’s not forget the craft table

Oh boy, was it buzzing with creativity! Big shout out to three club members from the Otaki Women's Community Club, Tracey, Jody and Linda who managed the craft table to perfection! Every young person who got their craft on walked away with a yummy giveaway. It was like a crafty paradise, sprinkled with chocolate and kindness!

Thanks to our judges Linda and Tracey, who had a very difficult job choosing the winners.

Here's to the Kapiti Kindness Trust and our furry friend, the Easter Bunny—thank you from the bottom of our chocolate-filled hearts! Your kindness and generosity have made our Easter celebration one for the books. Let’s keep spreading that love and joy, not just during Easter but every day of the year!

Wishing you all a hippity-hoppity Easter and lots of love, from the Otaki Women's Community Club.

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