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Discover the Best Finds for Kids at the Otaki Market

The Otaki Market is a treasure trove of delights for everyone, but it's especially magical for kids. From whimsical toys to adorable accessories, there's something to ignite the imagination and bring joy to little ones.

Here's a look at all the cool items available for kids at the Otaki Market.

Knitted and Handmade Toys

One of the market's highlights is the array of knitted and handmade toys. These soft, cuddly creations are perfect for tamariki and rangatahi of all ages. Each toy is crafted with love and attention to detail, making them unique and special. Whether it's a knitted teddy bear or a handmade rabbit, these toys are sure to become cherished companions.

Finger Puppets

Let your child's imagination run wild with an assortment of finger puppets. These tiny, colorful characters can provide endless entertainment and are perfect for storytelling and interactive play. From animals to fairy-tale figures, there's a puppet for every little storyteller.


Encourage a love of reading with a fantastic selection of children's books. You'll find everything from classic fairy tales to modern picture books. These books are perfect for bedtime stories or quiet reading moments, sparking imagination and fostering a love of literature.

Shoe Charms

Add some fun flair to your child's footwear with charming shoe charms. These little decorations come in various shapes and themes, allowing kids to personalize their shoes and express their unique style. They're a hit with children who love to accessorize!

Children's Clothes

Dress your little ones in style with a range of adorable children's clothes available at the market. From cozy knitted sweaters to vibrant summer dresses, you'll find high-quality, handmade garments that are both comfortable and fashionable. These clothes are perfect for any occasion, ensuring your child looks their best.

Handcrafted Tables and Walking Sticks for Kids

Encourage creativity and outdoor adventures with handcrafted tables and walking sticks designed specifically for kids. These miniature tables are perfect for arts and crafts, tea parties, or homework. The walking sticks are sturdy and stylish, ideal for little explorers.

2nd Hand Collectible Toys

For kids who love a bit of nostalgia or enjoy collecting, the market offers a selection of second-hand collectible toys. These pre-loved treasures include vintage action figures, classic board games, and more. Each toy has a story and a bit of history, making them perfect for young collectors.

Handmade Bracelets by Milly

Keep an eye out for Milly and her beautiful handmade bracelets. These colorful, delicate pieces are perfect for little wrists and make great gifts. Each bracelet is crafted with care and creativity, ensuring your child gets a unique piece of jewelry they'll love to wear.

The Otaki Market is a haven for kids, offering a wide range of delightful and unique items. From toys and books to clothes and accessories, there's something for every child to enjoy. Visit the market and discover the magic and joy it has to offer for the little ones in your life. Whether you're shopping for a special occasion or just looking to treat your child, the Otaki Market has everything you need to make their day extra special.

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