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Kids market on seven sharp

Did you see the Kids Market on Seven Sharp!

A huge shout out to all the talented tamariki and rangatahi who craft such amazing products and creations! Big thanks to all the young people who crafted and created products:

Matthew, Isabell, Neve, Effie and Eillot. Soul Sisters Olivia and Lilliana, Ciara, Millie, Lana, Aria, Rosie & Ivy. As well as Adi the BFF team, Rosie, Amy and Tahlia.

A BIG thank you to Kelly & Co for sponsoring this fantastic box of goodies!

Who contributed to the goodie box?

  • Matthew: a delicious jar of Bush to Shore Honey

  • Isabel: handmade personalised bracelet

  • Neve, Effie and Elliot: handcrafted cards

  • Olivia & Lilliana: Hat and socks (worn by Jeremy)

  • Ciara: gorgeous bracelet (Hilary put on at the end)

  • Millie: amazing glow in the dark bracelets

  • Lana: an awesome surprise pack

  • Aria: awesome earrings

  • Annabelle, Azaria, Rosie & Ivy: delicious honeycomb

  • Isabell, Luca & Ashleigh: handcrafted bracelets

  • Rosie: created personalised keyring

  • Amy: pom pops

  • Talia: homemade lip balm

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