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setting up my stall at the Ōtaki Market - rainy days

The Otaki Market is a busy market on the main highway, opposite New World. With a mix of art & craft,  plants, clothing, garden art, jewellery, vintage and collectables, produce and food stalls and trucks. 

rainy days

The Ōtaki Market proudly embraces the outdoors. Rain or shine, the market remains open, a testament to the determination and commitment of both organizers and vendors. Here, the market's fate is not sealed by the weather forecast; instead, it's left in the hands of the stall holders who decide whether to set up shop.

Cancelling on rainy days

We understand that some of you may need to cancel your participation on rainy days. Please note that cancellations on such days are entirely acceptable. However, it's important to clarify that stall bookings for rainy days will not automatically roll over to the next week. To secure your spot, you are kindly requested to rebook for the desired date. Your cooperation ensures the smooth functioning of the market and guarantees an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Top Tip: If you are a stall holder and are cancelling your stall space on a rainy day, please send us a text message to the Otaki Market phone: 022 616 5167

Rainy days at the Ōtaki Market
Rainy days at the Ōtaki Market

Stall Holders' Choice

At Ōtaki Market, the power lies with the vendors. The market management believes in giving these entrepreneurs the autonomy to decide if it's raining if they'd like to showcase their goods. This approach allows stall holders the choice to operate all year round.

A Culinary Haven

Rain or shine, the food vendors at Ōtaki Market are always prepared to tantalize taste buds. These culinary artisans come armed with prepped and ready-to-serve delights, ensuring that visitors can always satiate their cravings. From gourmet treats to local favorites, the market remains a culinary haven regardless of the weather outside.

Seeking Shelter, Building Connections

In the face of inclement weather, Ōtaki Market extends a warm welcome to visitors, setting up a large marquee where patrons can seek shelter. These temporary havens not only protect against the elements but also foster a sense of community. Visitors bond over shared meals and the camaraderie of the market atmosphere.

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